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Do and don’ts for a model

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Fashion Modeling is an industry where serious work is appreciated. It is seen that fashion modeling is equipped with glamour and charm. Fashion Modeling is a area where there are many things a model and the team should know before you actually enter into a professional world as there are many new ideas which one needs to cater and bring forward. It is been seen that there are new areas of interest which one should always incorporate in their ideas and needs of study. There are list of do and don’t which they can follow in order to be perfect –


Value time

We know you heard about the expression fashionable late, but in modeling it doesn’t apply. You have a curfew that needs to be respected.

Be polite to team

Don’t try to show your attitude in front of the crew members as it would be a bad sign. It would hamper your image and worth. Be really polite and courageous to the team members so that you can have a good mutual understanding and relationship.

Know the shooting team

If you have the time and power. Sometimes you have mood boards, ideas, themes that the team is sharing to your shooting group so it’s nice to be prepared. Modeling is not just standing like a pile of straws, it binds beauty with acting skills. A good model passes over through the photo so much more than her beauty, it passes a self expression, a feeling, something deeper.

Be in good shape

Be happy and cheerful in the crowd. Know the audience in front of whom you are performing as there are many other things which one should consider while being a good model.

Talk about the payment and all before entering to modeling work. It’s better to have everything straighten out from the very beginning.


Shoots should not be cancelled at last movement

Unless there is a health emergency or you’re very ill. Remember there is a whole team behind a shooting, so probably they’ve taken the day off especially for this job or there are cases where the photographer has rented cars, horses, etc. So that’s a big no-no!

Takeover the shoots if you’re not paying

Let’s say you work for a modeling agency, they’ve hired you to do your modeling job, not to start and give out pointers to the photographer or stylist. They know best, it’s their job.

Start cat fight on set

Don’t be too impulsive and arrogant with the crew members. It is seen that the area of work is to be respected.

Leak pictures from the shooting on your social accounts

It happens sometimes that you’re pretty excited about a shooting and can’t wait to share it with your friends (and haters of course). But do ask permission before posting anything. Some companies or photographers don’t enjoy having their work already online before the final result. If you want to have an idea where you can get complete grooming and guidance it’s none other than you would be given extensive guidance and mentoring.

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