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How to stay fit without Gym..!

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The first commercial gym in the world was opened in the 1700s… So, people were not fit before that?? They were, in fact, more fit than today. So, it is possible for us to stay fit without going to the gym. And to help you are a few ways stated below which will help us to stay fit without any fitness center.

Morning exercise

Without Gym Workout

A person must exercise in the morning to stay fit. But, a lot of people complain of feeling lazy after a workout. This problem can be sorted out by continuing at a slow pace. Start by making a habit of getting up in the morning, then walking a little distance. Increasing this distance, after 10 days, to 3kms of walking and then jogging 1.6kms with a bit of stretching and yoga. It will take about 60 days for you to reach 1.6km of running and then exercise. If you want you can now increase the intensity of your workout to whatever extent, but slowly.

Exercise slow

Exercises Without Equipment

You may think that 60 days is far more than what we think we require to run 1.6kms. But there is a reason behind that. When we exercise in the gym, the exercises tend to break the cycle and extra protein diet repairs it. This break and make cycle increases the size of muscle cells. But by exercising slowly we do not increase the size, we just increase their strength and no harm. Try doing 10 push-ups in 10 minutes and you will come to know it is even more effective than the gym.

Be patient

While doing the push-ups or any exercise at such a slow rate you will automatically become patient in your life. But initially, you will have to be patient regarding your strength and the adaptation time of your body. According to Robin Sharma, we need to follow certain things for 66 days to make it a habit going through various cycles that are not necessary to mention. But, in 90 days you will make yourself up to a standard in which you can do anything at anytime you want, regarding workout.


Best Exercises Without Equipment

You were young and had some problems brushing your teeth. Of course, everyone had, but now you feel it as a part of your body. If you don’t brush, you will not like to do anything. In a very similar way when you consistently do exercise even for one year you will feel nothing better in comparison to exercise. And whatever may be the condition, even if you are ill you will feel better after exercising and will not make your illness as an excuse to not exercise

Action and no more reading

exercise for weight loss at home for female

If you are reading this article, I know you have been searching for a whole lot of stuff regarding your fitness. And you are conscious about it too. So, get started from the very next day, walk, jog and make it your habit. Follow it consistently throughout your life. The more you read, the more you get confused. So, stop reading and it is time for us to take action. I believe in you!!!

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