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Pooja Bhattrai

BIOGRAPHY. I'm a Theater Artist... HEIGHT5'3"BUST32WAIST26HIPS34SKINFair SHOES5EYEBlackHAIRBlackLOCATEDDELHI/INDIACITIZENSHIPINDIANLANGUAGESHindi,EnglishINTERESTActing, Dancing, Print Shoot, Ramp Shows, Designer Shoots, Ethnic wears, Western Wears, Calendar Shoots, Lingerie...
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BIOGRAPHYI am a professional person working in aviation industry and I have 10 year's experience in it. I am quick learner and adaptable person learn things very quickly and adjustable as wellHEIGHT5"5BUST32WAIST30HIPS40SKINFairSHOES8EYEHoney colourHAIRBlackLOCATEDNOIDA/INDIACITIZENSHIPINDIANLANGUAGESHINDI,EnglishINTERESTCooking, paintingDRESSIndian,Western,Shorts