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Save Environment Initiative by B-Town Celebs

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We all recently celebrated World Environment Day on 5th June 2021. But just posting a message once a year supporting our voices to save environment is enough. The answer is a big No, we cannot save environment by a mere lip-service. We all must take a collaborative responsibility towards preserving our Eco-System. We all have to take initiative towards saving our Mother Earth. Remember, we only have one Earth and we are making it barren in all sorts. Human species have evolved through centuries but this evolvement has hampered our nature to an extent of destruction. Now it is high time to correct our wrong doings before it becomes too late to save anything. The world is facing one crisis after another Global warming, melting ice caps, forest fires, air pollution, the endless list continues.

B-Town celebs inspire us in lot of ways, sometimes with their struggles and sometimes they motivate us also with their several initiatives towards making this world a better place. Some of the celebrities have been very vocal about environmental awareness and preservation, for this they have started initiatives and several campaigns also. Few of the prominent eco-warriors of B-Town and there efforts are mentioned in this write-up.


Bhumi Pednekar as in her movies strongly voices her opinion on several matters. Environment awareness is one of them. Her initiative climate warriors is the prime example for that. From Oil Spills to Carbon Footprints, she discusses everything. She strongly advocates on less consumption of plastics.


UN Environment Goodwill Ambassador Dia Mirza actively spreads her concerns towards segregation of waste to sustainable fashion. She is also the ambassador of Wildlife Trust of India. She is also a member of Sanctuary Nature foundation, working for preserving our forests and ecosystem.


When it comes to initiative and causes, Priyanka is never amiss. She being a Global Icon inspires not only India but entire world. Apart from many other causes towards environment she is a part of ‘Greenthon’ which is focused on adapting Eco-Friendly habits today for a better tomorrow.


Alia Bhat herself started an initiative called ‘Coexist’ that makes people understand the balance between nature and life. She also started a social media campaign of #BeatPlasticPollution.


John Abraham has signed up for PowerLight a village campaign that is helping in getting solar power energy in villages across India. He has also been vocal for adoption of pets, don’t buy them but adopt them is his message to all.


Aamir Khan Non-Profit Organization, Paani Foundation has worked towards prevention of draought and watershed management in the state of Maharashtra from many years. Apart from these celebrities there so many common people also who a commendable job in their support of saving environment, We all should seek it as our prime responsibility of preserving nature so that our future generations could have a sustainable living Environment. also pledges towards their support in sustainable fashion, lesser use of plastic and saving water to save the world.

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