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Hair Care Tips- Going Back To Nature..!

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You might have heard of Amla and Bhringraj cleanser, Bio green apple shampoo, Coconut milk shampoo, palm oil shampoo, coal tar shampoos, etc nowadays. Why do the personal care product manufacturing companies include all-natural ingredients in their products? Why are they promoting their brand as a natural brand?

In today’s world when most of the things available are made of chemicals, people are moving towards basics, back to nature. So, why to use products made of natural ingredients when you

can use them all directly.

Here are a few natural alternatives which you can use as shampoo, conditioner, etc.

Rice water

Have you heard of a Chinese village- Huangluo, also known as “world’s longest hair village.” The average length of hair is 1.7 m. They use fermented rice water. It’s misty colored liquid left after boiling rice and fermenting it makes it even more beneficial for hair.

Scientific reason:- For hair growth, 18 amino acids are required. Rice water contains 8 of them. It also has vitamin-B – for strong hair, vitamin-C to produce sebum and vitamin-E prevents hair loss, makes hair shiny and cures dandruff.

Sesame seeds

Companies manufacturing personal care products taking reference from the Indian scriptures too. Ayurveda is one of them. Similarly, Kesha Dravya is taken from it which means “ substances used for hair” which include coconut, Tila or Sesame seeds, Bhringraj( Eclipta alba), and Neelini or Indigo( Indigofera Tinctoria).

Scientific reason:- Rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids which prevents hair loss and hair thinning, vitamin B-1, calcium, copper, Phosphorus, Iron, Magnesium and Manganese.

Egg mask

The other remedy which we can use for healthy hair is an egg. This helps to avoid premature graying, hair flexibility and growth.

Scientific reason:- The best source of B vitamins- vitamin B1, B2 and B5 – good for hair flexibility, B7 for hair growth and folic acid- avoid premature graying.

Onion juice

Scalp is vulnerable to getting infected from bacteria and fungus. Onion juice keeps the scalp free of infection. It also prevents it from breaking.

Scientific reason:- Onion has antibacterial and antifungal properties. It also contains sulfur, which prevents hair from becoming brittle and breaking. It also contains antioxidants.


Another fruit that keeps your hair healthy is Amla. If you have thin and short hair, then this fruit will help you to increase the volume and length of your hair.

Scientific reason:- Vitamin-C produces collagen protein. It contains 80% moisture and so has hydrating properties. It is antioxidant which prevents hair damage.

Earth can heal itself and its creatures. This is the reason why companies are going back to nature. As “ True medicine comes from Earth, not from Lab.”

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