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Modeling is the most sparkling career full of Glam and Glitz. It is the career specially curated for people who are vibrant, bold, energetic and full of life. In this career you will be getting constant attention of all. No second thoughts that it is a super-glittering field with loads of perks. This is one of the main reasons why all the guys and gals are so much attracted towards this career. From past few decades modeling and fashion industry has seen a steep rise globally. With so much rise in fashion brands, so much happening fashion shows, demand for runaway models has increased exponentially. With endless list of advantages of becoming a runaway model, in this article you will read about few of those perks of this career.


Runaway Models are basically paid very handsomely. Once you are acknowledged by mega brands, money will come sweeping under your feet. When you are established well in the industry, the average income you can earn on daily basis varies from 200$ to 1000$ which is a very handsome amount. You are just paid for endorsing products even on your social media. Isn’t it exciting getting paid for wearing trendy clothes, walking in the limelight and getting paid?


The amount of exposure you get in modeling career is insurmountable. You are always in the eyes of paparazzi. Being under constant camera is quite overwhelming yet exciting. People see you, follow you, your opinion matters on various social issues. Youth learn from you; you can set an example for public. Whatever you do, whatever you wear wherever you go your each and everything is noticed and followed by many. You are invited to many chat shows, T.V. shows etc. Who doesn’t want that, being the apple of eye of everyone?


The biggest perk of being a runaway model is traveling, you get an opportunity to travel to some of the exotic locations, big cities, fascinating countries for model shoots. Sometimes you travel to some big and exciting locations for fashion shows also. In short you become a wanderlust exploring all the corners of the world in this career and the biggest thing is all your travels are sponsored by your employers. You are living the life which millions of people just dream but never achieve it. Wandering all the world sponsored by some other is like living your best life which you can get only in few of the careers.




Bestowal or in layman language you can say it free stuff. Being a runaway model, you get lots of free stuff. When you visit shopping malls or stores, they don’t charge you for shopping, in return they want you to showcase publicly that you purchased from their store. Not only this you also get so many free V.I.P. invites, to parties, luncheon, dinners, clubs etc. You also get free memberships for magazines, gym also your agency sponsor to take care of your entire grooming. Even after fashion shows or the runaway many designers gift you their expensive dresses to endorse.

These are some of the few perks of being a runaway model. To acquire this kind of life you have to establish yourself as a successful model first. Once you have reached the height of your career, these kinds of perks are just peanutting you will be getting much more than this. But to be successful first you have to prove yourself with your hard work, determination, perseverance and professionalism and a good modeling agency that helps you to support your career. The Glamour is one of the best modeling agency in India making way continuously for new and upcoming models. If you are an aspiring model and want pursue modeling as a full-time career you can visit at and register yourself for free.


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