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Ramadan’s Lifestyle in Quarantine..!

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Muslims around the globe await the whole year for Ramadan month, during which they fast from sunrise to sunset. It’s that time of the month when family relationships and love are celebrated. It’s a traditional practice to gather and have iftar meals together with your loved ones. With the arrival of Ramadan month in the times of worldwide pandemic named Corona breakout, it is time that you get creative with your ways of celebration with quarantine to accompany you.

Okay! Don’t brood now. It might be the time you can actually take a break from your super busy life and enjoy the occasion with your family and friends not in a physical way but in a virtual way. Get on pilot mode with embracing reality and getting a true gift out of it. Though you all will not be able to do congregational iftars. But we live in the times where technology keeps close company to humans. So you could use them and get connected with your loved ones through mobiles and cameras. It’s time that you digitize the traditions. To add more fun in this quarantine, you can also go live while preparing suhoor or iftar meals. This way you will be more welcome to ideas, coming your way to make the meals more delicious and attractive.

Another act that you can change in your lifestyle during quarantine is the way you worship. This is the time when you bond with God and review your deeds. Prayers are offered at the mosque together and hugs are exchanged after receiving blessings. As you are all aware of the world’s current situation, which does not allow us to be in the crowd and repent about the deed which we are already performing. So this Ramadan stays at home and blesses for the world to pass this catastrophic test.

Though you may not be the fan of this quarantine, although remember the words said by Prophet MOHAMMAD SAW ‘if you hear of an outbreak of a plague in a land, do not enter it; but if the plague breaks out in a place while you are in it, do not leave that place’. This will give you the right perspective on the situation. Though you don’t have to halt your celebration. Get on with your celebration in this self-quarantine with the touch of modern technology and apps and twist the traditional ways a little.

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