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Take Care Of Your Skin While Working From Home..!

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Office and home are two separate places meant for different things. But because of the coronavirus, the whole country is in lockdown. Everyone is working from home and the office and home became one.

The discipline and routine you were following is no longer the same. You are waking up just before your work starts, eating while working, taking calls simultaneously, cooking the meal, meeting deadlines and achieving targets. In this multitasking, we are unable to take proper care of our skin.

Working from home brings changes to your skin. The food you eat, the air around you, sleep pattern, everything changes. These changes impact the health of your skin. More care is required, like following your earlier routine- normal and skincare. However, it is difficult. Therefore, here are some simple steps to keep the health of your skin under check –

  • 10-minute workout

Working from home means just sitting in front of your laptop and phone the whole day and doing work. This means less movement, which affects your body badly. To exercise doesn’t require you to be a fitness freak. Just put on your favorite music and dance for 10 minutes. It keeps blood circulation under check, sweat also cleans pores which prevent breakouts.

Take Care Of Your Skin
  • Drink water- A lot!

Keep a water bottle with you before you sit for work. Take sips after every half an hour. This will keep your skin hydrated. Once it is over, refill it. This will also help you to take a break, get up and take a roll.

Take Care Of Your Skin While Working From Home
  • Cut extra sugar

As you are at home, you have access to all the food items and you end up eating more carbs and sugar which will adversely impact your skin. To satisfy your sugar cravings eat fruits. Try not to eat more than two biscuits a day and fewer carbs for dinner.

Natural Skincare Tips
  • Exfoliate twice a week

As you are at home all the time, it becomes essential to exfoliate your skin. Do it twice in a week. Moisturise your skin with your usual lotion. Do not experiment too much with products.

  • Make DIY face packs

As you have so much time now which earlier you are using may be for traveling you can use it in whipping a homemade face pack. Pick the ingredient after doing adequate research according to your skin type and make a face pack to soothe your skin. Make use of natural ingredients that you usually get at home like turmeric, lemon, honey, etc.

Stay home, stay safe!

Take care of your hygiene and keep washing your hands.

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