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What is a Modeling Portfolio

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A Modeling Portfolio is the ultimate visual CV of a model having a collection of all the professionally shot images in the modeling industry.

Modeling Portfolio is your profile collection of your photographs which describe your capability and skill as a model. Whenever you are approaching an agency for modelling assignment, a well-maintained Modeling Portfolio is a must. In brief, a modeling portfolio is your resume for your Modeling Career.

A Portfolio should have a series of image that demonstrate your versatility, as a Model you need to work with a Professional Photographer to create a well-crafted Portfolio.

Basically, a Portfolio is an essential tool for a model to gain professional work. 

A modeling portfolio should look like a totally Professional Portfolio, with your best shots of around 12-16 photos, including a variety of headshots, mid-shots and full body shots in different outfits. Your Modeling Portfolio showcase your versatility, ability and your full potential as a Model.  

How to get a good Modeling Portfolio?

Your modeling portfolio should be impressive as it represents your ability as a Professional Model. The bullet points to keep in mind while getting your portfolio ready are:

  1. You should first know your Modeling type, on that basis you should get your Portfolio ready. It should reflect your niche in the type of modeling you want to go on with your career. You have to decide whether you are into Fashion Modeling, Live Modeling, Catwalk/Runway Modeling etc. If you’re specified on the category, you are ready for, it will be easier for agency or agent to get you placed in that particular category.
  1. The most important decision in building a good Modeling Portfolio is the Photographer you hire for your Portfolio shoot. Always go for a Professional Photographer who already has an expertise in Model Photo Shoot. Just be focused on getting very precise studio photos that give a professional impression to any agency.
  1. Whether you are pretty much skilled in make-up and hairdo still you should always hire a professional Make Up and Hair Artist. 
  1. Before you go for a Professional Photo Shoot, you should always do some research on perfect poses and practice them ahead of your shoot. Take note of your favourite poses and must give them a try while shooting for the modeling portfolio.
  1. Choose the right outfit, don’t go for flashy and colorful outfits. Agencies tend to look beyond this, they focus on your potential as an Upcoming Model. Stay away from prints, patterns and over-sized clothing.  
  1. After getting your Photo Shoot done, now select some of your best clicks and get them printed. Make sure you include head shots (with and without smiling), full length shots and some ¾ length shots. 
  1. Your Portfolio should consist 15-20 images of you. All the images should be stunning and of high quality which make a good first impression.
  1. Once your Portfolio is ready get it printed, typically the common size for a portfolio is 8” * 10”. Apart from printed portfolio make sure to make your online presence also. Upload your portfolio on some Modeling sites also.

You can also upload your portfolio at for free of cost and make your online presence to get modeling assignments

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