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Work from home – 9-5 Quarantine routine..!

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Due to the lockdown in various countries these days, many people are staying in isolation or quarantine with their families, friends, or even alone. Everyone is working from home. And working from home is not an ideal situation for many people. It becomes really very difficult to adhere to the work schedule and not fall into the lazy routine.

So here I will be sharing my quarantine routine that you can also follow to make the best out of your free time. So let’s start.

I typically start my day at the same time i.e, 7 am. I avoid sleeping late no matter if it is a working day or a holiday. Then I do a workout session of around 45 minutes. Being a health conscious person this is the most important part of my daily routine, followed by a healthy breakfast. The most important thing that I include in breakfast are fruits and juice.

After breakfast, I follow a 30 minutes skin care routine. Then I start my office work. But I typically keep on snacking between the meals with chips, cakes, or biscuits. Also, I love cooking so I keep on trying new recipes from time to time.

Also, I keep myself hydrated by drinking at least 7 litres water everyday. This helps in maintaining the overall growth of the body and also helps in getting a clear and glowing skin.

Then I take a lunch break. For lunch and dinner I try to incorporate all the items necessary for the balanced diet.

The Quarantine period is not as bad as it seems to be. You can make the most out of this period by enjoying or taking up your old and new hobbies. This will help you in coping up with the boredom and also enhancing your skills.

Well, everyone has their own way of dealing with boredom and utilizing the free time.

All that matters in the end is that you should be safe and healthy!

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