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How to Create Your Own Workout Routine for Weight Loss..!

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The hardest thing possible for a person to achieve in his life seems to be a proper fitness routine without any cheat days. But in this article, we will see certain effective points to maintain and even initiate a proper fitness routine. So, let’s start.

Getting up early in the morning

It is necessary for us to maintain a habit of waking up in the morning to maintain a good sleep cycle. In order to achieve this thing, you will have to adhere to alarm every morning. Keep two alarms, one near you and another near the wash-basin where you will brush your teeth. Once you have brushed your teeth it will all become normal.


It is most important for us to have a proper diet plan. Because however you may exercise, but of no use, if you are not eating properly. When people earn a large amount of money by working their ass hard and get the perks of that in the form of ulcers, coughing all day and a deteriorated body then they realise that we must have done some justice to our body. Keep eating fresh food and do not lose any meal.


To whatever routine you made… you made it because you had some dream to achieve or a target of a better version of yourself. And strictness is the utmost important thing to achieve that desired routine. To achieve it, place a mirror in your bathroom, a big mirror and look at yourself daily to remind yourself of the target you set for yourself. When we were young, we didn’t want to brush our teeth. But after a few times, it became an inseparable part of our routine. And now if we don’t brush, we don’t feel good. Same goes with the exercise, start it and follow it strictly. A day will come when it will become the most pleasant time of your daily routine.


As we eat everything in diet, we must have every kind of exercise to train every part of the body smoothly and slowly. The exercises must be performed slowly and not abruptly because it will deteriorate the muscles. Stretch before you run and cool down after you are finished. Both will avoid you from getting any injury.

Rest and meditate

If you follow the tips given effectively, you will automatically get to sleep well. Sleep is necessary and you can also do meditation as an addon. Meditation and yoga help us to improve our breath control, enhance our senses, experience the potential hidden within us and much more. Just sitting silently for fifteen minutes per day without any thoughts and concentrating on our breath is more than enough. It will also improve your focus and concentration. All the points stated above are necessary. It is not as if you can skip breakfast or the sequence of exercise or anything mentioned. These are the basic but necessary points to achieve fitness and make it a routine.

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