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Get Ready for College/Workplace with these Accessories..!

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Wearing jewelry helps in enhancing the overall look. A perfect dress combined with perfect jewelry can make you look fashionable all the time.

Gone are the days when wearing jewelry was limited to an occasion or function. Nowadays, whether you are going to college or office it is important to style your attire with perfect jewelry. So are you concerned about choosing the right jewelry that goes well with your dress and does not appear to be too loud and flashy?  Let’s look at what are the right kind of accessories that you can wear in college and the workplace to add a little glam.

A Sophisticated Chain with a Classy Pedant

A thin and delicate chain with a pendant gives a simple and sober look. If you want to dress up for the workplace, it is preferable to go for a single solitaire pendant because it looks very elegant. And if you want to dress up for college you can also go for some funky looking pendants. But make sure they are tiny and look classy.

Hoops or Studs

Whether you are wearing Western formals or Indian formals, hoops are studs that are something that will never disappoint you. That tiny wear goes with any outfit so perfectly and is very comfortable and easy to carry.

Versatile Rings

Avoid wearing heavy rings, they do not look good on a daily basis. Pick a simple and elegant ring that also suits your personality. Also, choose a ring that is comfortable in wearing and looks elegant. Go for gold or diamond ring if you are looking forward to wearing it to the office.


What’s better than wearing a bracelet to add grace to your personality? It is an important item in accessories. It is advisable to go for a delicate and sophisticated bracelet. A diamond or a gold bracelet would be best if you are looking for something to wear at your workplace. If you want to wear a bracelet in college, you can go for some funky looking bracelets as they look cute and you can buy different bracelets according to your dress.


It is the most important accessory. No matter what you just can’t forget to wear a watch.

There are no set standards for wearing an accessory to college or office. It totally depends on your choice and the way you carry. Everyone has their own unique style. But while dressing for office or college try to keep it simple and classy.

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