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How should you Pose for a Fashion shoot?

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From our childhood we fascinate ourselves as a model while posing in front of the camera. But when it comes to reality to pose as a professional model for a fashion shoot it is not an easy task. Well for the start, all model poses can be classified into four categories: commercial, fitness, high-fashion and glamour.

These are four main categories for a fashion model but you should be sure about your niche in the above-mentioned categories.  Once you have categorised yourself now you can practice your Pose according to it for the Fashion Shoot. The poses you choose for yourself are very important as your image depends on them. You have to consider a lot of things for your photo shoot such as location, clothing etc. has come up with some important pose for a fashion shoot in this article so that it helps you to choose what is best for you.

  1. The Three-Quarter Turn

The three-quarter turn is one of the most simple and classic pose for a fashion shoot out there. To nail this pose, a model should place one foot behind the other and turn their hips slightly above the camera. This pose can be shot with different angles.

  • Standing with Shoulders Forward3

It is one of the most artistic and exaggerated pose for a fashion shoot as compared to other poses. A model has to hunch herself forward so that her shoulders come to her chin. The face should turn towards the camera with chin right on the top of the shoulder.

  • Standing with One Foot against the Wall

This pose for a fashion shoot is considered the most Gender-Neutral pose. The best part about this pose is that it is cool, simple and work with variety of backdrops.

  • Hands Clinching waist

This pose for a fashion shoot goes well with your feminine side, hands on the waist with clinching a bit on either side is also one of the famous red-carpet poses.

  • Dramatic Lean on the Wall

One of the most dramatic pose for a fashion shoot, can easily be done at any kind of location with any type of attire. An easy going pose of its kind.

  • Fluid Pose with an Arm out

Getting yourself to loosen up and slowly move towards the camera is what makes this pose for a fashion shoot more graceful and fluid.

  • Facing away with Arms crossed at Back

This pose for a fashion shoot is mainly used for highlighting the back of the dress or the model herself. You have to turn your body away from the camera and interlock the body at the back.

  • Sitting with Legs wide

Seated with legs wide, one arm draped and one resting on the knee, this pose for a fashion shoot comes with a cool, non-chalant vibes. It adds to a more confident rebellious look. These are many of the few poses for a fashion shoot, if you are an aspiring model do get more tips and information regarding your modeling career visit us at or DM us on Instagram @TheGlamour.+

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