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Modeling – A plethora of opportunities

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Modeling is one of the most fascinating careers that one could follow and in case you wish to become a model. We will  help you understand the depth of being a model, what all you would be require to do ? What can be your Salary?

Let’s start by Clearing the fact that being Modeling is not an easy job , You are required to be on your toes all the time , fit and camera ready all the time . Coming to Careers you can  become a face for any clothing company displaying their range of products . Companies mainly will prefer one model for their entire range of apparels so if you are looking for regular work getting connected with a clothing brand really helps .

One of the basic things that you will require for such a job would be to get a good Portfolio ready which can showcase the range of different apparels being carried gracefully by you . Once done you can move to many companies website and apply for the job by sharing your Portfolio.

The second career would be of a calendar model . If being bold is one of your qualities than this career is tailor made for you. Many Prominent Photographers like Daboo Ratnani look for fresh faces even many digital companies like Shutter-stock , FreePik look for fresh Faces the best way here would be to get in touch with a good Modelling company that can get your work even if that means paying for few photoshoot that shouldn’t be a problem as the same can take you to high places .

The major Option these days models are choosing is of Acting and if you also feel the same than our suggestion would be spend time rehearsing some old Movie Scenes as well . Try and rehearse about the scene that are not so famous and record them . See your Progress through different scenes that can actually help in harnessing your  skills . Also keep in that being from modelling industry they would be accept to be sometimes more than fit . Make sure you are always well Groomed and looking fresh whenever you land-up for an audition.

The last option that we would like to suggest would be going in the print industry like for magazines . There are so many magazines that are waiting for young models to be their faces . The thing that you need to keep in mind would be having your social media well maintained so that  your profile can result out in the searches which would help you get more projects . Keep your feed refreshed by putting your pictures in different poses and always have your contact information available so that you don’t miss any project that is coming your way.

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If you want more updates regarding your modeling career and various options in this career follow us on Instagram or visit our website The Glamour is one of top modeling agency of India shaping the modeling careers of newcomers and supporting them in every manner to build up their career.

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