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Deepika Padukone Diet Secrets – What She Eats..?

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Bollywood sensation Deepika Padukone is undoubtedly one of the fittest actresses. Though she is one of the biggest foodie in Bollywood, she has a body figure to die for. From elegant saree looks to bold bikini looks, she looks super amazing in any attire. So, here is a bit about her diet routine. Let’s see how she keeps herself so healthy and toned.

Although having a good metabolism, she makes sure that she eats 6 meals a day. She takes a balanced diet, that includes food rich in dietary fiber, omega – 3, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals. She also keeps herself hydrated by drinking juices, coconut milk, buttermilk, and water. 

Most importantly, though she takes 6 meals, she avoids having non-veg and rice during the night time. She just eats salad or chapati at night. She is known for her health as well as a controlled diet, but never starves herself. This helps to keep her body cells active, which in turn helps in losing the weight.

She consumes seasonal fruits and juices or coconut water every two hours and is obsessed with dark chocolates. Here are a few rules that she follows –

  • She avoids overeating and takes breaks between meals.
  • She never starves herself.
  • Includes fruits and veggies in her diet.
  • No rice and non-veg food after 7 pm.

Just like everyone, Deepika also craves for sweets. She says that it is good to treat yourself from time to time but you should also keep a check on the daily intake of calories. She says that altering your diet every week helps in keeping your metabolism on point. Apart from a proper diet she does yoga and gyming which helps in keeping her body as well as mentally fit.

So now that you know the secret to her fit Body and Diet, when are you adopting it..?

Stay Safe, Stay Healthy…

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