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Alia Bhatt’s Secret to her Flawless Skin..!

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Want to know the secret of how Alia Bhatt has such a naturally glowing and flawless skin?

Do you admire Alia Bhatt and wish to have a naturally glowing and flawless skin just like her? 

Alia Bhatt is one of the celebrities who looks amazing even without makeup. She has been seen in public places many times barefaced. So what makes her so confident in her own skin? Of course that natural glow! 

Well, who doesn’t want to know her skincare mantras and secret behind her flawless skin? So here are the secret to her healthy and glowing skin – 

  • Makeup

Alia Bhatt says that applying too much makeup can damage your skin. So whenever possible try to avoid it. She is the one who looks beautiful even without makeup. Even she was spotted in many events, without any makeup.

  • Night skincare routine

You might be wondering about what Alia Bhatt applies before she goes to bed? Well, the answer is nothing. Various people who follow a night care regime. But Alia Bhatt says that applying anything before going to bed makes your skin dry. She just washes her face with herbal face wash and water and goes to bed. The best you can do to your skin is let it breathe.

  • Homemade face wash

Alia Bhatt mostly uses either the homemade products or herbal ones. She says that she begins her day with a facemask of honey and papaya or orange powder, and prefers to treat her skin like a child. After applying the facemask, she puts on a little bit of moisturizer and carries on with her daily chores.

Another best home remedy she follows is that in the morning her face is very puffy, she just dabs some ice on her face and sometimes even Multani Mitti.

  • Kohl

Alia Bhatt says that applying kohl can enhance your overall look, no matter what. So makeup or no makeup, applying kohl is something she never misses out. She says that kohl does a different kind of magic.

  • Diet

She follows a routine where she avoids drinking water before or after meals and prefers to eat only detox friendly things like underground foods and avoid the food products that cause acidity.

So now that you know the secret to her clear skin, start following it and have a healthy and glowing skin.

Stay Healthy and Keep Shining…

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