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Akshay Kumar’s Secret Routine to a Fit Life..!

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Don’t we admire celebrities as our role models? In fact, we follow them blindly sometimes!

But admiring someone like Akshay Kumar who is actually doing things right, makes it worth it. A Black-Belt in Taekwondo and an expert in martial arts, Akshay’s love for fitness bloomed even before he entered into Bollywood. He believes that a person should devote at least an hour in a day for his/her body’s fitness.

Akshay is a sporty person and has always maintained his physique by doing adventurous and fun activities throughout. According to him, gyms and usual physical activities are boring so he does physical activities like kickboxing, swimming, martial arts, yoga, etc., as daily workouts. He follows a disciplined life and a strict schedule. Although he dislikes monotonous things, he successfully makes his routine fun in his own unique way.

His day starts at 4.30 a.m., with an hour of swimming after which he practices martial arts for another hour. Yoga and meditation are an important part of his routine, as these provide an inner balance in the body. A supporter of natural gains he disagrees with taking supplementary pills, steroids, or food supplements.

Apart from physical exercises, the secret to his fitness is a balanced diet. His timings for each meal is strictly fixed, he eats his dinner before 7 p.m. so that the food gets adequate time to digest before sleep. He likes to eat only home-cooked food and avoids tea and coffee. Also, he refrains from smoking and consuming alcohol.

His breakfast includes parathas with a glass of milk and for brunch, he eats a bowl of fresh fruits. His lunch is a full heavy meal that consists of green vegetables, chicken, roti, dal, and curd. In the evening, he takes a glass of juice without sugar. He eats a very light dinner that usually includes soup, salads, and veggies.

Here are a Few of his Diet Secrets to an Amazing Physique –

  • Drink lots and lots of water, around 4-5 liters in a day.
  • Control your salt and sugar intake.
  • During hunger pangs between meals, you can eat dry fruits and fresh fruits.
  • Do not overeat; always eat a little less than a full stomach.

Our Khiladi is one of the Most Disciplined Actors in Bollywood and an Awesome Fitness Freak!

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