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How Coronavirus Is Affecting Daily Lifestyle..!

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Hangouts, Pubs and Clubs, Parties and Get-Together are just some dictionary words since the government has announced the lockdown due to coronavirus and asked for self-quarantine. This has changed our lifestyle. The things which we do in our daily life are not restricted.

Covid-19 Pandemic

You must be reading about social-distancing and self-quarantine- which means avoiding public transportation, working from home, limit non-essential travel, skip social gatherings and do not go to crowded bars and sports arenas.

Coronavirus is Affecting Daily Lifestyle
PALERMO, ITALY – MARCH 11: A general view of a empty Renzo Barbera stadium on March 11, 2020 in Palermo, Italy. The Italian government has imposed unprecedented restrictions on its 60 million people as it expanded its emergency Coronavirus (Covid-19) lockdown nationwide. The number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in Italy has passed 12, 000 with the death toll rising to 827 (Photo by Tullio Puglia/Getty Images)

Through different media channels government and doctors are also creating awareness about washing hands at least 20 seconds, sanitize everything you touch after coming from outside, use alcohol-based sanitizer, etc.

As every situation has both positive and negative aspects, this also has. In one place, it is required to contain the spread of coronavirus, on the other, it may also contribute to poor health in the long run.

But as we are social animals, it is quite difficult for us to stay away from social life. There comes the role of social media and overcome these problems, people are utilizing this time to pursue their interests and hobbies which they have been planning for long. Hobbies like painting, art, and crafts, reading books, cooking, sewing, etc.

Many formal organizations have changed their methods like schools and coaching centers are providing online classes, employees are working from home, gym trainers teach online. Many people who are thinking of giving back to society are extending their helping hands by providing meals, masks, medical facilities, etc to the people who need it.

When you know, you are not alone, thousands of other people are going through the same thing, you will feel more comfortable. In this time, you may come up with something more creative which you have not thought of in your life.

Be creative..! Stay positive..! Stay home..!

Maintain social distancing, stay virtually connected…!!!

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